I don’t know how my cat got in that restaurant, but there she is.



this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

*laughs irl*

sammykammy has this internal monologue regularly.

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Why do they have a picture of my Aunt Brenda?  Is Aunt Brenda cheating on Uncle Clive?

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Last episode, our heroes tried to get a good night’s rest, but someone else had another idea.  This week, we find out who’s come a’knockin’ and there’s a huge explosion.  Splug has never been happier.

It’s a short episode this week, but we’re leading in to two long episodes, including the season finale.

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Accurate. #YesIKnowItsImportantWorldWideIJustDontCare

I read this book when it came out, because I saw it advertised on Ari Bach’s Tumblr facts-i-just-made-up.  I think it technically qualifies as YA fiction, but it didn’t read like YA.  If you want high art, go read Maya Angelou, she’ll continue to be relevant long after her death.  If you want super pretentious art, read James Joyce, which is unreadable.  If you want something in the Sci-Fi genre that moves at a fair clip and is entertaining throughout, read “Valhalla”.


From the “I” in Facts I Just Made Up:

VALHALLA: An epic sci-fi action novel

Violet MacRae is one of the aimless millions crowding northern Scotland. In the year 2330, where war is obsolete and only brilliant minds are valued, she emerges into adulthood with more brawn than brains and a propensity for violence. People dismiss her as a relic, but world peace is more fragile than they know.

In Valhalla, a clandestine base hidden in an icy ravine, Violet connects with a group of outcasts just like her. There, she learns the skills she needs to keep the world safe from genetically enhanced criminals and traitors who threaten the first friends she’s ever known. She also meets Wulfgar Kray, a genius gang leader who knows her better than she knows herself and who would conquer the world to capture her.

Branded from childhood as a useless barbarian, Violet is about to learn the world needs her exactly as she is.

For sale now at the following locations:

Barnes and Noble Nook

Barnes and Noble Paperback

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback

Publisher eBook

Publisher Paperback

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Book Depository Paperback

NEW! Audible (Audio Book)

And don’t forget there’s an all-Valhalla blog at the-walrus-squad.tumblr.com!

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In this exciting episode, Immie opens a door, Ho’Nai learns the value of hiding behind the tank, and we all learn that Taco Bell can’t make change for Astral Diamonds.

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